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    REVEL - missing files - question


      I have just replaced Elements 8 with Elements / Premere Elements 11.  Was trying to store my photos on Revel and was able to send many of them. It kept telling me there were missing files which I tried to reconnect, but had limited success. There were over 6000 photos and it loaded for hours. The next morning it was still loading, but the most pictures were on Revel. I stopped it but it said all files had not been loaded and I needed to come back later. I am not sure what I should do next and have had NO success in getting help from ADOBE. That is extremely disappointing. I expected to have my new program supported, at least for a while. Also, don't the movies store? They do not seem to be on Revel. Will Revel pick up my future pictures that I add to my Elements 11 automatically? Thanks for any help you can give me; I really know so little about all this.