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    Live View Different (sharper) than Preview

    saratogacoach Level 1



      I have an animation which if previewed in DW CS6 Live VIew, runs perfectly. It consists of an index.html, a CSS and src.js, the latter holding the animation's JS script.


      If I use Preview (FF or IE), the same animation looks fuzy, blurred. Same problem if I simply launch the index on my desktop. Default browser, FF, runs it fuzzy/blurred.


      I have beginner skills using DW. So, I'm not sure why the same files preview perfectly in LIve View and look much less clear in DW Preview mode or run on the desktop in FF or IE?


      The goal result would be to get the files running as clearly in a browser as in LIve View.


      Any suggestions appreciated. (Guesses: Maybe Live View sizes, scales differently than when these files are run in the browser? Or maybe the canvas element is somehow treated differently in Live View than in the browsers-which are the latest and capable of HTML5?)