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    java script button only works once?


      I am a novice with JavaScript, but Edge Animate seems like it might be a tool that I can work with. I have created pages using symbols with simple in/out slide animations using  JavaScript.  They are triggered on the buttons with the following code:




      var current = sym.getVariable("current");

      if (current != "") {




      sym.setVariable("current", "testimPg");



      The stage action for compositionready is this;

      sym.setVariable("current", "baseAnim");


      every page works fine except my testimonial page (testimPg)


      The animations work fine for all the other buttons but on the testimonial page it only fire correctly once!?

      If you click on other pages and then go back to the testimonial button, it no longer functions properly —the symbol is no longer visible when the testimonial button is clicked!?

      Can anybody figure out why this is happening.

      here is a link to the page:




      Any help would be grateful