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    Problem with y axis 3d object

    Herugrim123 Level 1

      Win 7 CS5


      Hi there, I am rtrying to create a wedding album opening up to show the inner leaves inside. So I have a comp which is the outer cover of the album which rotates on the Y axis from 0dgrees to 180degrees. Then I ahve another layer which is the inner leaf which appears at -90deg. and rotates through to 0deg. Th eproblem is that th inner leaf seems to slide off it's axis ( showing the album cover ) and tehn correct itself after the final key frame. I thought that maybe the anchor point had moved but it doesn't seem so.

      Can anyone help or see what the H is going on ?







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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Nothing wrong. You have motionblur enabled and it causes opacity shifts. To avoid it, you would have to not use motion blur or use two separate comps of your stuff, then combine thewm... Or use a plug-in that can actualyl deal with backside rendering. Since your project is CS5, you might use the included Freeform for that in place of a native 3D layer...



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            Andrew Yoole MVP & Adobe Community Professional

            In this situation, I would create a "3D separator" - a solid 2D layer that is positioned out of frame so it's invisible - inbetween the two rotating layers.  This prevents the layers from intersecting. 


            It's not a universal problem solver - many situations wouldn't be solved by this trick - but it can be an effective way to prevent two 3D layers from "blending" during a motion-blurred move.

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              Herugrim123 Level 1

              Thanks for your input guys. I hadn't realised tahth MB caused alpha problems. In this case, I founf the easiest way to handle it was to keyframe the motion blur out before it gets to the page turn. It works fine now. I'll be wiser the next time !


              Thanks again,



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                Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Sometimes you can get around the motion blur problems by setting the blend mode to Alpha Add or by re-arranging the layers. If all else fails you can pre-compose the page turn layers and then use CC force motion blur on the pre-comp.