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    Need to load multiple players / skins via swf and xml file





      These are part of some instructions that were of a AS3 Mp3 Store I purcased


      Well guys the new AS3 flash cart system can have skins hot swapped in and out with out having to recompile the actionscript code.

      You can even have multiple skins on the same cart and use different ones in different places of your website.

      This is all because the flash cart system itself runs seperate from the graphical user interface that the customer visits.

      When you purchase a new cart skin, or if you edit your own custom skin, you can place the swf file for it in the "skins" directory of your flash cart installation directory. Then in the config file where you "embed" the cart on your website you include the name of the skin you'd like to use (the skin MUST be available in your skins directory).

      The other plus to using the skin system is you can keep the cart application seperate from your site. No longer do you have to have all that ugly php code and cramped swf files floating along side your website html files. No instead you create an install directory then simply embed the cart from where ever it is. The only litigation is that the cart must exist on the same server as the website you are showing it publicly on.



      So right now I have a website with the store set up and working, allowing the buyer  to listen to the tracks, add to cart and checkout after which they are given an instant download link to the purcased files.

      What I want to do now though is break up the songs into differents carts/skins within a dropdown list in my website as quoted in the instructions above, according to genre.

      So I have published 4 different skins  as


      MusicSkin 1.fla

      MusicSkin 2.fla

      MusicSkin 3.fla

      MusicSkin 4.fla


      The cart works by Index.html > loads the Main.swf >loads MusicSkin.fla which is called by via config.xml  


      (<?xml version="1.0"?>

      -<config><skin src="MusicSkin"/><db src="/" sandbox="false" type="sql"/></config>



      I am having trouble configuring how to call on 4 different Skins into different pages on my site if I only have ONE index.html, Main.swc and config.xml files which according to the instructions is possible!

      Hope this makes sense, I get how it works on one skin but not how it works with multple ones on a website.