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    Photoshop to pdf creates text and images that are not sharp. Why?

    mabehr1234 Level 1

      I know that Photoshop is not the premier pdf creation software. I do have InDesign as well, but I'm much more familiar and comfortable with Photoshop (I have the CC versions of both) so I prefer to use it as my design and layout tool.


      However, when I save as a pdf the resultant pdf file is blurry for images and text, not horribly so, but not sharp and clear as I would like. My pdf files are for the web and emailing so I need to keep the file size in check, but even when I up the PS resolution to 300psi it still is not as clear as I would like. Still blurry.


      What do you Photoshop experts out there do to produce the sharpest pdf possible? Is it even possible using Photoshop only or do you have to use InDesign or Acrobat Pro to get the clarity and shapness?