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    Premiere Pro CC not displaying video


      This morning I had to update my Creative Cloud from CS6 to CC because a project I worked on this weekend at home was using CC.


      Ever since the upgrade (and I uninstalled and reinstalled 3 times to get it to work) it has been an extremely long (3 minutes +) boot time of Premiere CC. Once open, the video track of ProRes files is missing even on fresh imports. In the project window, it only shows the little audio icon as though it is only an audio file. H.264 files work just fine.


      It feels like some sort of licensing issue. Here's why:


      On my lastest reinstall, I booted up in administrative mode and did the creative cloud install of Premiere from there. I was able to open Premiere (it opened quickly) and import a ProRes file and everything worked as expected. I then logged out and logged back into my normal account where I always work and the same problems appeared again: long boot times, ProRes not working.


      I also recently had problems with my hosts file (in /private/etc directory) where I was barred from adobe.com in all 3 of my browsers. Ever since "fixing" that issue, things have been strange. Creative Cloud is doing some extremely F'd up things with its licensing/verification, I'm thinking.





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          KevinSLA Level 1

          Finally solved the problem.


          On the Mac and in the Finder, hold down the option key, click on Go in the top menu and select Library.


          Inside this folder, open the Preferences folder.


          Inside this folder, open the Adobe folder.


          Nuke the folder labeled dynamiclinkmanager. It will create a new one when you launch Premiere.


          Problem solved (so far).