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    Pshop CC -- saving JPG & PNG file size bloat

    ajs9 Level 1

      Saving JPGs & PNGs from Photoshop CC is creating what I can only describe as a obscene file bloat.  Just recently, what should have been a 7k jpg saved as a 1.1 mb jpg file.  PNGs which should average roughly 100-150k are coming out at 1.3mb.  If I use the "Save for Web", sometimes it gives me the proper sized images.


      I have noticed this on 2 computers --- one a mac & one windows with completely different file sets.  So it is not an issue of my OS, the original files or anything specific to one particular common item.


      FYI -- Doing the same thing with pshop cs6, I get the proper file sizes. 


      I have included a sample image here.  This image is a straight out "save" from pshop CC  -- it is 1.1mb.  However, when I saved the same image as a JPG in pshop cs6, it was 7k.




      Is anyone else experiencing this issue?