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    CS6 Audio Mixer Track Keyframes not Generated


      Hi:  I am using CS6.  I have several audio tracks and started mixing audio using the audio mixer in write mode.  I got a few of the tracks done and it works fine.  I came back today to do the rest and I can't for the life of me get it to write the keyframes.  I have tried both "write" and "touch" methods, but no luck.  I tried adding a new track and no luck.  I tried adding a new sequence and then it works, but for some reason I can't add more keyframes to my primary sequence.  This ever happened to anyone else?  I found a couple indications that it has happened to people but no solutions were offered other than to make sure it is set to "write".  I am aware that this method generates track keyframes and not clip keyframes.  When I chose to see track keyframes, it shows the ones I made yesterday, but is not generating new ones today.  Please help!