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    Windows Screen flickering

    Gwen H

      TO CHIRIS COX - STAFF - This is happening in Photoshop CC that we just uplaoded onto my brand new PC not Mac (just purchased on Sunday) .  Whenever I use the cloning brush the screen flickers to black and then comes back on again but it does it constantly and is very annoying and almost makes the program useless.  This is an Adobe issue not an Apple issue.... please find a fix for this issue.  Thanks


      By the way:  This did not happen on my old computer with CS6 (I didn't have option to download CS 6 this time just CC)

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          If you are using Windows, and not a MacBook Air 2013, then you have an issue completely unrelated to the topic you first posted on.


          Are you on Win8?  It does have a known bug that we've been working with Microsoft to get resolved.

          Updating your video card drivers from the GPU maker's website can improve the situation.

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            Gwen H Level 1

            Yes unfortunately I have Windows 8 - no choice when I purchased computer.  Not sure it is completely unrelated as it is doing the exact same thing as described in the thread just on PC...

            I will update video card drivers as you suggest....Thanks