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    Gateway almost works

      I have some code I'm trying to get to work with JBuddy (AIM gateway). I have CF8 std so I have 1 gateway. I need to allow multiple users to download their buddy list.

      Users will fill out a form with username/password and this will be written to the gateway.cfg file. The gateway will be stopped and started and then the buddy list will then be returned. If I do a restart this all works, but my concern is I cannot confirm the right config file is being used. So by stopping and starting I can confirm the stop happened and therefore the new correct config was loaded. My problem is after doing the stop/start I get an error when I try to return the buddy list. If I put a cfabort before I do this and then just browse to a second page with that small script on it I get the Buddy list perfectly. The issue is I need to return this all on one page. Adding a delay before trying to return the buddy list didn't help and neither did using a cflocation to try to get it using the other page. The behaviour is as if I can't get it all in one request.

      Can anyone suggest what I might try?

      The error I get is:

      You have specified a gateway ID [myGateway] that does not exist or is not currently running.