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    excute Oracle function using data from a CFFORM

    icarus013 Level 1
      For simplicity, I have a function that will add 1 to a number a user will enter from a form. So if the user enters the number 2 and submits the form, the next page will display 3.

      If I enter the following code in SQL Plus, I get 3:

      SELECT MySchema.Add_Function('2') FROM dual;

      This is correct.

      How do i get this to work?
      <cfquery name="funcTest" datasource="Test">
      SELECT MySchema.Add_Function('#FORM.userNumber#') FROM dual;

      Your new number is <cfoutput>#funcTest.Add_Function('#FORM.userNumber#')#</cfoutput>

      I get
      ELEMENT Add_Function('2') is undefined in funcTest.

      Any ideas?