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    videos get halfly cropped


      i have different video source shooted by 5D2, FX700,NEX6,650D,timelapsed wmv...etc. But everything was OK when eralier editing. When I'd done my editing for a copy to client. I just added some luma effect to the clips, not the ones got problem, some of my videos get halfly cropped. It's rediculous. The original files in windows browser are OK. But in the timeline the wmv files all get cropped. There are no any effect on them and I can't get the black part out. Only one thing wierd is the anchor point are set in 1926*864,which is not same as others. Of course I did not set it. They are originally pictures and were renderd as wmv video files with original size,which are 2784 x 1856  by 5D2 and  2592 x 1728 by 650D. My sequence is 1920*1080. But everyting was OK before. How could I figure out before torrow B-copy?~