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    unable to change settings & what should they be?


      using windows 7 x 64, firefox, flash player 11.8.800.94 trying desperately to get back to orginal flash player settings but unable to do so. I tried uninstalling, & reinstalling, also to no avail. The TEENIE TINY managing box wont allow me reset or change global privacy panel to always allow. it will only let me CANCEL not CONFIRM. in the global storage settings panel, the bar is repeatedly setting to 0 or none. no matter how many times i change it, it keeps going back to none. the global security setting panel is set @ always ask which is ok I suppose. the rest appears to be ok, if someone could also tell me how to make the tiny manager box larger i'd appreciate that too but i'll take whatever i can get at this point. thanks!!!


      apparently this is also effecting my candy crush game as well which will not load past 35%.