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    Poor Rendering quality with CC, but not CS6

    victoriavanpatten Level 1

      I've been through well over 10 hours with Adobe Chat Support trying to figure out why the quality of my renders have been awful lately. I use the 720p Vimeo Preset for uploading files for work, and with CC I've been getting consistently low render quality with any H264 presets. The H264 BluRay preset produces corrupted videos without fail.


      Every time I've gone through a support call, I've been told that there actually isn't anything wrong with Premiere, but that I just need to raise the settings for my rendered video. No. No. No. And again, no.


      I have a high quality pre-rendered video. If I re-render it through Premiere Pro CC or Encoder CC, even with 1080p presets, I get nothing but artifacts and corrupted files. I rendered out the same video on my other computer, it looked great. I thought I was having a graphics card issue, but it's CC.


      I have Encoder CS6 installed on this computer. Don't know how. Never had CS6 anything installed, but it's there. Anyways, I tried rendering my high quality video through CS6 and it looks beautiful. Installed a trial version of Premiere  CS6, again, no issues whatsoever.


      Observing the files after the fact, rendered videos from CC are about a third of the size of videos rendered in CS6. They render in half the time as well.




      I wasn't quite sure how to approach this, whether or not to report it as a bug, or if there's something natively different about the settings in both versions of Premiere or how they work?


      Could this possibly still be a graphics card issue? I have to deactivate one of my graphics cards to avoid playback issues in Premiere, and I recieve error messages regarding not having enough vRAM if I try to open Photoshop with that same graphics card deactivated.



      Qosmio X870

      Windows 8

      16 GB of Memory


      Intel(R) HD Graphics 4000 - Must be deactivated to use premiere, but I get error messages if deactivated when trying to open photoshop.

      NVIDIA GeForce GTX670