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    Can't enlarge imported image


      Using Fireworks CS4.  I'm working on a 600 dpi file and I want to import a photo and stretch it/enlarge it from its original dimensions.  However, when I grab a blue corner and drag outward (holding shift to maintain the aspect ration), and then let go, the image "snaps" back to an arbitrarily larger size, and there seems to be a maximum size the image can be stretched to.  Dragging corners outward only results in the image snapping back to the last size.  If I drag in very small amounts I can get a little more size, but at some point the dragging fails.


      Entering large pixel sizes into the properties box also doesn't work.


      Does the idea of a maximum size for an object make sense to anyone?  I can understand a huge object slowing down the application to a crawl, but I would at least expect it's possible.  We're only talking in the 5500-6000 pixel range here.  Not small, for sure, but not ginormous either, right?


      Thanks for any insight.