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    Search query not able to find node under a specific site structure (eg. 2013/05)?

    Abhishek.Anand Level 1


          We are saving our data on a node under year/month site structure, eg. (2013/05/node1) but when we search for the data using a query in a custom workflow., it does not fetch any results.The query being fired is something like :

         SELECT * FROM [nt:base] AS s WHERE ISDESCENDANTNODE([/content/hm/NewsroomSection/en/NewsRoom/NewsroomDetails/2013/05/node1]) .


         On trying to run this query directly in crxde, it shows no result. But when we change the site structure to 2013/5/node1, it is able to fetch results.

         I am not sure if the problem is because of the '0' digit in the month in site structure (2013/05).

         Please provide your input if any of you have come across something like this before ..