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    How does the session timeout setting work?

    Carolyn @ BIG

      Hi, i have set the session timout within Administration, Session Settings to 20 minutes.  This is because of pressure on our licences and I do not want learners with online learning lessons open if they are inactive.  I had hoped after 20 minutes of no activity Connect would log them out and release the licence back to the pool.  However this setting doesn't seem to do anything.  I have left a lesson open on a PC for an hour and when i return it still allows me to continue with it.  Can anyone help?

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          sameer_puri Adobe Employee

          Hi Carolyn,


          Session timeout means that you will be logged out of the webapp after the said number of minutes passes. Let's say if session timeout was set to 20 minutes and you left the Connect webapp open for 25 minutes without any activity, on clicking on any tab, Lets say Home tab in the webapp, you will be asked to login again.


          Problem that you are facing is that other users dont get logged out if they have opened a training/course after 20 minutes of inactivity. This wont happen. Only impact that session timeout will happen is that after said minutes of inactivity users tracking wont be done, so quiz results after session timeout wont be tracked. Similarly un-prefetched slides of a PPTX wont be fetched and so on. But the user wont be asked to login again. We may fix this in near future, but this is how it works at present.


          Hope this info helps!

          Sameer Puri