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    How to create this website using Dreamweaver?


      I recently completed a course of Dreamweaver basics and I would like to get into a more advanced stage.

      This is the website that I would like to create:



      Could anyone please help me understand whether it is possible to create such a website using Dreamweaver? If yes, HOW?



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          mytaxsite.co.uk Level 6

          You have already created a very good website and you didn't use Dreamweaver to create it.  So why do you want to switch to DW?


          DW is a professional package that can do almost anything;  The only limiting factor is your imagination but as you have already demonstrated that you are an accomplished player in this field  I don't see why DW can't improve your ability.



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            mhollis55 Level 4

            Heck, simply download the site to Dreamweaver from your server and you are done. That makes any site into a Dreamweaver site.


            The question you are asking is based on the fact that you do not know HTML and CSS. And, looking at the code that whatever you used to write that website made, I can say that with assurance.


            The entire website is laid out in tables. We don't use tables any more, save for tabular data. We also don't set styles for stuff we put on web pages by using inline code. Your page has no external stylesheet (but you do have four styles in your HTML document. You have a lot of Javascript code that could be loacated in external files (so that you should share the stuff on multiple pages).


            That's the downside. The upside is that your web page does load and it will function. So, when mytaxsite says it's "very good" I think he is speaking to the content, which is compelling. The way it's put together leaves a lot to be desired and you are invited to learn the basics of HTML and CSS in this forum to revise your site and make it comply with modern web standards. You can see what's really going on by looking at the code and running your website through the W3C's Validator, which reports 152 errors and one warning.


            And the biggest problem you have is that your images (which are compelling) are not described, so no search engine or blind person can possibly know how beautiful they are and what they are of.

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              abruzzi63 Level 1

              Thank you for your cocern guys.


              I probably didn't explain my question well. The website that I stated is a sample. I would like to create a similar website in Dreamweaver (The site is not mine).


              Could you please highlight how I can create such a website? Especially the image slideshow that is at the top of the homepage and the photo gallery that is placed at the bottom of the sample website.


              Your help in this matter will really be appreciated.



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                Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                The slider is a plugin called Galleria



                The image gallery is a jQuery plugin called Flowslider



                The page is a basic 2-column, fixed-width, centered layout.



                Having said all that, first you must learn basic web design theory and all you can about HTML & CSS. It's required learning.


                HTML CSS & Web Design Theory Tutorials -









                Nancy O.

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                  Herbert2001 Level 4

                  And do not judge a book by its (perhaps good-looking) cover: the underlying code for that website is somewhat dreadful: tables only.


                  Don't use that website's html/css code as an example for good coding technique (or at least, take that code as something that was in fashion more than 15 years ago). Interesting from a historical point of view ;-)