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    Changed login page, but get "signed out" message and redirected to core login page


      Hi All! :-)


      I'm trying to set up a custom login page to the site.


      I've created the page with anonymous access and changed config to add the auth.loginselector.defaultloginpage and auth.loginselector.mappings properties to first point to my new login page and second apply to my site's content.


      It is a bit confusing the info regarding this over the web, but I added these properties to a node "com.day.cq.auth.impl.LoginSelectorHandler" I've created under apps/<my_site>/config . I've also added several nodes, so that anonymous access was permitted.


      I assume this is correct, as I get my login page completed loaded and I'm redirected to it once I try to access any page underneath the mapping defined for my site's content.


      Yet, once the page loads, I get a pop-up saying that "Your request could not be completed because you have been signed out" and afterwards I'm redirected to the default, core login page.


      I've seen people mentioning to change the auth.loginselector.defaultloginpage at the "Default Login Page" setting of the Day CQ Login Selector Authentication Handler in the Configuration section at http://localhost:4502/system/console/configMgr. This works, but it doesn't allow me to have different login pages to different sites, as it is my requirement.


      What am I missing?


      Thanks in advance,