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    InDesign CC slow, laggy, unusable, disaster


      Just updated to CC on our Macs at work just to find out InDesign is now an utter disaster.
      (And don't give me that crap like: "...it draws 4 times as many pixels as a lower resolution display...". Illustrator doesn't have this issue and the GFX cards are more than capable of handling this. So it all comes down to extremely poor programming and testing before publishing.)


      We have both retina and non-retina Macs at work which are now close to unusable. You basically force us to upgrade to CC if we want retina for InDesign. However no testing of usabilty seems to have been made before publishing this. Simple things like scaling a colored box and scrolling are laggy as hell. EVERYTHING is laggy. And try setting up a small eight-page folder with pics, vectors and text... This will be even more fun when I have to make Magazines or books...


      Considering the whole damn advertising industry is counting on Indesign, what the hell were you people thinking when releasing this? Everything will take almost twice as long thereby be twice as expensive for our clients. Try explaining that without loosing projects/clients...


      "Myeah we will now charge you double because Adobe forced us to update their software for our state of the art Macs, so they now appear slower than our Win 95 PC..." - What the fudge? We use and depend on this single program everu single day!


      Also, another minor detail: I can't seem to make my usual keyboard shortcut for "next window". Or actually I'm able to make the shortcut - it just doesn't work when hitting the keys... (CTRL+Tab).


      I just can't believe you are getting away with this extremely poor update. All I can use InDesign CC for right now is opening newer files and exporting them as IDML for our CS 5.5... If our software department would release stuff like this to our clients they would have been asked to go look for a new job. You are Adobe and basically (and sadly) have a monopoly in this industry - don't screw over all your customers just because you can.


      Go buy your friends at Illustrator a cup of coffee and please let them help you. You need all the help you can possibly get.


      FIX IT.

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          Michael Witherell Adobe Community Professional

          1. Communicate like a reasonable adult. This is a site populated with your fellow users who are professionals. 


          2. What are your Mac's specifications? How old are your Macs? How much RAM? What operating system are you running? What do you know about your video card specs?


          3. How did you accomplish your upgrade/install of InDesign CC? Did you upgrade the OS at the same time? Did you do any OS system cleaning and cultivation (like using DiskWarrior utilities)?


          Hope this helps,


          Mike Witherell | ACE | ACI | ACP

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            Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Adobe are aware of the issues. Unfortunately, testing on every system on the market is not possible. They can only do tests on what they have and then release it. There are many moving parts.


            The FAQ on the first page of the forums has links to how to troubleshoot the buggy behaviour - and Adobe are working on a fix.

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              Steffan667 Level 1

              1: I'll go for the non-adult response in saying: Code like adult then! This is purely waste of everybody's time and money


              2: Joking aside we have lot's of different machines:

              - Mac Pros are between 2 and 5 year old.

              - iMacs are between 1 year and 1 month old

              - MBP are 2-3 years old

              - MBPr are 1 one year old


              RAM differ but in general the least amount of RAM is 8-16gb for most machines.


              Running Snow Leopard on some older machines and ML on newer. All up to date.


              Upgrade is through a global deal with Adobe from our Worldwide company HQ.


              The problem persists on all Macs. Some of the newer ones a little bit better. However all run ID CC way slower than than ID CS5.5, which still makes this a terrible update close to unususable for us...

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                Laubender Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                There can be only one recommendation:
                NEVER use a software with a version number x.0.0 for production purposes …


                Stick with InDesign CS5.5 or CS6 (if you find it valuable), though CS6 got only one round of bug fixing.



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                  tudor-v Level 2

                  Steffan667: as a temporary workaround, try this: InDesign > Preferences > Display Performance> turn off Transparency display (I know, it sucks but at least it may solve some issues until Adobe comes with a fix).

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                    Steffan667 Level 1

                    Amen to that. We got too excited with the retina update. Would have been nice to be able to use the the retina version of InDesign on the MBPr though.


                    Guess we'll just have to stick with CS InDesign5.5 untill they decide to fix the issues.
                    Illustrator CC and Photoshop CC both seem to run just fine.


                    Thanks for the feedback and tips!

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                      Signsam Level 1

                      Communicate like a reasonable adult? What an irritating response to a very fair and valid post. Michael, you should not be aloud to communicate on this forum. You are dreadful ambassador for Adobe. Truly useless.



                      Steffan667 is correct. InDesign is a laggy mess. Almost unusable on the MacBook Pro Retina.

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                        Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                        Although he holds a number of certifcations from Adobe, Michael, as he pointed out, is not connected in any official capacity to Adobe Systems, Inc. and neither speaks for them nor has a direct line to influence product development. That's also true for me, and almost everyone else you will encounter here. Adobe employees are badged as such.


                        Adults communicate calmly, don't rant, and they don't call each other names.

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                          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                          Sorry, but I have to agree with Michael. When you START your first posting with these phrases...


                          "don't give me that crap like"


                          "what the hell were you people thinking "


                          "What the fudge"


                          "don't screw over all your customers"


                          ...you're really not asking reasonable adult questions, you're venting emotion for the sake of venting.


                          This is a user-to-user forum. You're not addressing the people at Adobe who make decisions. You're addressing some hard working volunteers who are InDesign users like you who are trying to help other people.

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                            BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                            Do you have anything worthwhile to add to this community besides hurling

                            personal insults at people that have actually helped hundreds if not

                            thousands of other users?


                            Because I don't see any contribution anywhere from you at all.