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    Placing image darkens document


      As the topic says, when I place certain images in my document, all of the content on all pages darken.


      This is what I've managed to find out so far:

      • It darkes everything when it happens, text, other pictures and the items (backgrounds) from the master page. The master page itself remains unaffected.
      • Some PNGs with no transparency (white background) do not darken the images.
      • Some PNGs with no transparency (filled background) do darken the image. I've used these images in other douments and they did not darken the page then.
      • Some PNGs with transparency do darken the image
      • JPGs does not seem to affect the page at all.
      • It does not matter if I place the image on the page or outside on the pasteboard (alas, there is nothing semi-transparent covering the page as far as I can see).