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    Presenter 8 wmv import


      Presenter 8 - I imported a wmv video but it only displays half the video screen when published.  Any ideas?

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          flyingj481 Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)

          Convert it to FLV before importing to Presenter. You will have more control over the version of the video that gets placed in Presenter.


          Alternatively, you could locate the FLV version that Presenter created (should be in the Presenter folder with the same name as the PPT(X) file), and just try re-inserting that FLV into the presentation. If that doesn't work, try importing the WMV using a different conversion setting.

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            LCBGa Level 1

            Great!  Will give that a try.  Thank you!


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              Hello! Just wondering if this solution (FLV conversion) worked for you? What is odd is that I've only started experiencing that same problem (only half of the video displaying upon previewing and/or publishing) in just the past 5 days. Prior to that, I was able to import .wmv files with no problems/issues. I've double-checked that it's not the videos themselves (original .wmv files/configruations), and not specific to a particular .pptx file either.  I am using Presenter 8.0.1 Build 338.