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    ScrollPane in Flash MX and flash Mx 2004 professional


      The refreshPane method works differently in Flash MX and Flash MX 2004 Professional

      What went wrong?:

      I have used scrollPane component in Flash mx and loaded some content. I changed the content size i.e. width and height
      at runtime and after that called the refreshPane() method to resize the scrollPane. It works fine with Flash MX

      But same I tried with Flash Mx 2004 Professional, but it doesn't work, since in Flash Mx the refreshPane() method resizes
      the content and in flash Mx 2004 Professional the refreshPane() metod reloads the content.

      What should have happened?:

      Can there be a method in flash Mx 2004 Professional which just resizes the scrollPane and not reloads the whole content?
      Since if I have to generate a content at runtime and resize it also at runtime then just by calling the method refreshPane() in flash Mx 2004 Professional, it loads the content what it was originally and not the changed one.

      Product version: flash Mx, Flash Mx 2004 Professional
      Product: Flash
      Component: scrollPane

      I would like to request you to help me in the same as early as possible.

      : )
      Thanks and regards,
      Shreeram Shiralkar