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    Hypercard dinosaur question

    chopTheWood Level 1
      Three thousand years ago I was a baby Hypercard programmer and Hypertalk was my language. HC was arguably the killer app. of its time. Though I've essentially buried HC a long time ago I still think of it now and then when I reach for a Flash built-in function that isn't there -that I thought was there- and realize I was just having a HC flashback.

      This happened just now when I typed "on ( " into the Flash editor and saw my choices listed for the next word: press, rollover, rollout etc. What I wanted was to see something like "mouseStillWithin". Incredibly useful, I remember, from the old daze. When the mouse rolls over a button (and stays there for a second, instead of zooming over several other buttons in about that same time, it executes. So the question is: What can be used as a Flash equivalent to on (mouseStillWithin)? Anyone old enough out there to remember this? I would like to recommend to Adobe that this be added to the current choices that the editor offers.