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    Weird one!

    rickg1949 Level 1

      In the last few days when I import old AVI footage from DV into a project I'm getting a strange effect:


      When placed into an HD sequence with no effects added the top and bottom fields repeat vertically up and down to fill the screen.  Once I hit play they dissappear until I hit pause.  If I scale the AVI up or down even .5 percent or rotate it 1 degree this apparition goes away.


      This is in Premiere Pro CS6 and my new downloaded version of PPro-CC!  Just enabled my Matrox MX02, and same effect happens on outboard monitor.


      Running Dell T7600, Dual Xeon 2.30GHz, 32GigRAM, Win7-64bit, nVidia Quadro 6000 (driver, with a Matrox MX02 LE.


      Could it be an nVidia driver?


      Need an exorcism or something.  Send blessings, please (and advise).  Not a brutal problem, just a nuisance.