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    PremPro: Photo Resize Does Not Work Always


      Doing a home movie/slide show mix..


      Some photos resize fine with the Effects Control (i.e. either static or animated)


      Other photos do not resize at all.  It lets me drag the slider to set a zoom (or in adobe parlance, scale), but the preview does *not* update with a new zoom view. 


      Sometimes, I find if i delete and re-add the picture to the sequence, it will let me resize the picture.  However, that seems to be the only way to make the picture update-able.


      I tried exiting and restarting the program, and when i do the same pictures that are un-changable are still un-changable, and the same ones that were changable are still changable.


      This seems new to Premier Pro CC, because i did this before in CS6 and never had an issue.