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    Problems displaying some characters

    Pop_Clingwrap Level 1
      I have a dynamic HTML text field in my movie which is populated with text from an XML file. I need to display a TM symbol in the field and used the following in my XML:

      <title><![CDATA[<b>Main Title Copy Goes Here &#0153; </b>]]></title>

      This works fine on my Mac but will not display on any PC so far, I have also tried &trade; but this does not work on any platform.
      Can anyone help with this? I thought I might be able to hack it using multiple TextFormats or multiple TextFields but have had no luck so far. Any thoughts appreciated.

      Cheers all
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          Greg Dove Level 4
          If your xml is utf-8 then I don't think you need the html encoding with the ampersand.
          The following works fine for me in windows:

          var cdata="<b>Main Title Copy Goes Here ™</b>"
          var tf:TextField= this.createTextField("myTF",1,100,100,300,200);

          That was with the default settings and no embedded fonts etc.