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    Mac Pro 1.1 Lion 10.7.5 GTX 550ti XD CAM EX Multiclip playback not working




      Premiere CS6 will not give me more than 5 seconds at a time playback from multicam monitor and regular playback is very steppy with XDCam EX. I've tried the the com.apple.audio.... trick still not any better. i transcoded a few of the files to prores proxy thinking it was the i-frame issue. the playback was still choppy and steppy. then I thought since I already have them in prores proxy let me test the same amount of camera's in Final Cut Pro 7 and see if its maybe data rate which I doubted as i am using 2x 1TB drives internaly striped on raid-0. Final Cut played back all of the camera's simoultaneously without a single glitch. I'm not trying to compare which is better I'd just like to get the playback I'm getting in final cut in Premiere. I rather enjoy Premiere and I've done lot of work regardless of the playback issue. even if I wanted to reconform back to final cut its time I don't have. Please can someone help me. Thanks