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    Scratch hard drive crashed! Any recovery ideas?

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      So my scratch drive is a 1TB Seagate portable drive with a thunderbolt adapter. It has the raw files as well as the project files and auto-save files. I have a back up of the raw video files but not the project file. The .PRV folder for the project is still sitting here on my computer's local drive (iMac) with several .xmp and .mpgindex files in it. After a full week of editing, I finished a project, exported it. Created the custom DVD menu and was halfway through burning when I got a hardware error through Encore CS6 (Sense Code: 30c00). Tried again, gets halfway through then error. Thinking it was my computer, I copied the Encore files to the portable scratch drive (which seemed to be working fine btw at that point), ejected it and put it on my other iMac to burn from there. The drive wasn't recognized. I brought it back to the original computer and now it wasn't recogzized there either. Oh crap. The drive lights up, sounds like its working, but just doesn't show up using any of its adapters/ports (thunderbolt, usb, firewire).


      I'm dealing right now with data recovery options through Seagate ($$$$) and Best Buy but in the meantime. Does having the project's PRV folder do me any good? Again, I have a back up of the raw video files...I just need the Premiere Project file. On my way to Best Buy now to see if its the enclosure and not the drive that has issues (read somewhere that that might be the issue since it is lighting up when plugged into the computer and it is running, just not showing up).


      I know it's probably a long shot, but I'm sure you all can understand what I'm feeling right now having finished a huge project. Just checking in here to see if there's some other magic way of recovering a Project File without the drive that it's stored on?



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          Well...no replies but that's okay.  It's been a whirlwind 24 hours with no luck at recovering anything off the crashed hard drive at Best Buy or via Seagate Tech Support. Just as I sat down to re-edit the project from the beginning (ugh!) after about 60-70 hours of work lost a thought hit me:


          "When auto-save reaches the maximum number of copies, it starts replacing the oldest ones. Does it replace them, or write over them?"


          Either way, I thought maybe it's worth looking into recovering deleted files and sure enough, I googled just that and found www.recovering-deleted-files.net  ...Now this may sound like a commercial but you can imagine how floored I was to do a quick sweep of my local drive and there they were, my .prproj files waiting there for me!! Even though my original project files and auto saves were on the crashed hard drive only. A quick $99 bucks (to actually unlock the recovery part of the app (the search part is free)) and I had my project files back!!!


          Now, everyone reading this may not care, but my day instantly did a 180 and I felt like sharing. Who knows maybe someone else will one day hit this thread looking for a way to recover their crashed project files. Now, what's weird is that there were like 5 different recovered project files and each one contained only one of the four original sequences and files associated with that sequence. There wasn't one single project file that had all of the sequences that I edited like the original project file did, but right now, I don't care. I had to redo a few of the image files that I had in there that I had created in PS and saved on the crashed drive but because I had the original video files, I just link/located the videos and I'm back in business...literally.


          Going forward...I think I may have my auto-save folder on a different hard drive than my project files. Just in case. Also, looks like I'll be looking into a good, new fast external scratch drive for my mac. What a day.