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    Velocity and Rotation

    Mister Peanut Level 1

      I'm new to animation, and am starting to understand how to bounce objects, throw them, and do all sorts of fun stuff. As mentioned in my previous post, I am designing a deck of cards. I would like to be able to throw each card in a way that they will rotate when thrown. The rotation speed and direction (clockwise or counterclockwise) will depend on where the user picks up the card in relation to its center point. My theory is that I need to calculate the distance between the center of the card and the mouse pointer, and multiply that distance by a defined rotation speed. Depending on how hard the user throws the card (velocity?), the card will spin faster or slower in relation to where it was grabbed.

      .... okay, I hope this makes sense.... So, what I'm actually looking for is a sample of something like this - if there is one. I think I would need to dissect an example to start to understand the physics behind something like this.

      Any suggestions or comments welcome.

      My throwing code is as follows (my ball mc is actually a card, so you can see the rotation):