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    Can I downscale only part of a sequence?


      Let me explain: I have a series of 1080p clips of a presentation with various animations and slides interspersed between each clip. Currently, when exporting, the video is 2.18gb. This doesn't do well when piped down a dedicated T1 from an overseas server. I tried downscaling to 720 and this caused the file size to diminish greatly. The problem? All of the powerpoint slides that I put into the sequence get so blurry that they're very hard to read. Is it possible to downscale all of my shot footage to 720 (or lower) and leave the slides at 1080? I feel like there isn't any conventional way to do this so if I have to use some unorthodox workaround, I'm open to it. At this point, any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!