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    Problems after opening an existing project


      Captivate, eLearning Suite.  Activated, registered.


      I'm opening a .CP file.  It was bequeathed to me; I didn't create it and I don't know what version it was created in.


      1. After I open the .CP file, I see the name of the file in the title bar, but I have to do Ctrl+Alt+X to see anything in the project.  However, when I open Assessment.cp (you know, one of those that comes with Captivate), I see slides and slide tasks, which I take to be normal behavior.  I feel like something must be going wrong for being required to do Ctrl+Alt+X.  Am I wrong to think so?



      So, anyway, back in my .CP file, I go ahead and do Ctrl+Alt+X because I think I have no choice.


      2. When I click on Slide Properties, literally nothing happens.  However, when I open Assessment.cp, then double-click on a slide, when I click on Slide Properties, I get the Slide Properties dialog. 


      Can someone tell me what I'm doing wrong?  Is it that I have the wrong version of Captivate?  Thanks in advance.