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    when I export to epub (CS6)

    dougcoms Level 1

      when I export to epub (CS6) I get two xhml files for each chapter--why? How do I fix it?

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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          There are several ways to create page breaks in CS6 (a good thing). You must be using one or more of these:


          (1) If you've created a book file, each chapter will create an XHTML file.


          (2) You've specified one or more paragraph styles (in Paragraph Styles panel menu > Edit All Export Tags to split the file, and turning on splitting in the export dialog.


          (3) You've modified a graphic in Object > Object Export Options to cause a break before and/or after the graphic.


          or you've inadvertantly included a character which is formatted with one of those splitting paragraph styles. That's all it takes, just one character, and you get an extra break. Happened to me just yesterday since I was in a hurry.

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            dougcoms Level 1

            Thanks Steve - By switching to "do not split" in the advanced column, I got the desired xhtml files. Thanks!