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    Upgraded CF9 to CF10, but <cfdump var="#server#"> shows 9


      I upgraded our CF9 to CF10, and it is mostly working just fine, and my main application migrated perfectly, so thank you for that, but there are some issues. I'm using Windows 2008 x64 and CF Standard.


      • <cfdump var="#server#"> shows 9, but only if the .cfm is in some places (still trying to narrow this down)
      • the CFAdmin login box still shows CF9, but shows CF10 once actually logged into cfadmin
      • I am trying to create a REST API, but the command restInitApplication completely fails as if it doesn't exist (did it exist in 9?). Note that the rest API is located in one of the folders that returns version 9
      • I tried to zip up the folder c:\coldfusion9 before removing it, but zip complained that there are a bunch of files still open, so I left the folder alone. I'm going to reboot it again after hours and examine this more closely, but it's a bit worrying
      • I have a feeling my CFIDE folders are borked


      So from the first bullet point above, I wonder if the reason my application migrated so smoothly is at least partly because it's running in CF9 space?