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    Automatic Offline Full Backup Plan: CQ5 Installed As a Service

    great98 Level 1

      I have designed an Automatic Offline Full Backup Plan for CQ5 Installed As a Service. I welcome your comments.


      Do you have any better way (scripts)?


      Offline Full Backup Scripts for Author



      :: offlineAuthorBackUp_CQ5AsService.bat

      :: Stop CQ5 service

      chdir /D %~dp0

      net stop cq5



      ::copy all files and folders to the destination



      mkdir h:\cq5backup\offline\author\backup


      ::robocopy only copies the updated files, so it is very quickly



      robocopy /MIR c:\cq5\author h:\cq5backup\offline\author\backup



      :: Start CQ5 service

      net start cq5



      ::Zip the backup with 7z.exe




      cd h:\cq5backup\offline\author

      7z a -y -tzip offlineAuthorBackup_%date:~4,2%%date:~7,2%.zip h:\cq5backup\offline\author\backup