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    Help with .mp4 file stutter in playback


      .mp4 files from my Canon XA20 stutter heavily in the monitor window in PR CS6 unless I render them first, which takes quite a bit of time. With a fairly robust system, I'd expected/hoped to be able to do very basic edits on them in the timeline with a smooth preview without rendering until output. Was that unrealistic?


      Here are the details:


      The .mp4 video files are 1920 x 1080p, 59.94p, 35Mbps and less than a minute in duration. I imported them into the project and inserted them into the timeline as a "new item", which automatically generated a "yellow" status line and the following settings for the sequence:


      • Editing mode: AVCHD 1080p Square Pixel
      • TImebase: 59.94 frames/second
      • Frame size: 1920/1080 vertical 16:9
      • Pixel aspect ratio: Square pixels (1.0)
      • Fields: No fields (Progressive Scan)
      • Display format: 60fps non-drop-frame Timecode
      • Sampe rate: 48000 Hz
      • Display format: Audio Samples
      • Preview file format: I-Frame Only MPEG
      • Codec: MPEG I-Frame
      • Width: 1920
      • Height: 1080


      My PC profile is:


      • Windows 7 64-bit OS
      • 3770K quad-core processor
      • 32GB RAM, 26GB available to Premiere Pro
      • GTX 670/2GB graphics card, CUDA enabled in Mercury Playback Engine
      • Premiere Pro is on a 256GB SSD
      • Video files are located on a separate 256GB SSD
      • Project file is on a 7200 RPM 2 TB Caviar Black HDD


      Thanks for your help.