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    Cannot Debug CQ 5.6 in MyEclipse


      When I try to connect the debugger I get an error "Failed to connect to remote VM. Connection refused". I have tried in both eclipse and MyEclipse. It used to work but I cant figure out what has changed. I am stumped.


      More details:


      I have my Remote Java Application host & port set to localhost and 30303 respectively. The correct project is set.


      I am initiating a debug from the windows command line using:


      java -Xdebug -Xnoagent -Djava.compiler=NONE -Xrunjdwp:transport=dt_socket,server=y,suspend=n,address=30303 -XX:+HeapDumpOnOutOfMemoryError -XX:MaxPermSize=512M -Xmx1280m -Dorg.apache.sling.commons.log.level=INFO -jar cq5-author-p4502.jar -p 4502 -verbose -nofork


      I get the following back:


      Listening for transport dt_socket at address: 30303

      Loading quickstart properties: default

      Loading quickstart properties: instance

      Low-memory action set to fork

      Using 64bit VM settings, min.heap=1024MB, min permgen=256MB, default fork argume

      nts=[-Xmx1024m, -XX:MaxPermSize=256m]

      The JVM reports a heap size of 1137 MB, meets our expectation of 1024 MB +/- 20

      The JVM MBean:PS Perm Gen reports a maximum size of 512 MB, meets our expectatio

      n of 256 MB +/- 20

      Setting properties from filename 'C:/adobe/CQ5.6/author/cq5-author-p4502.jar'

      Option '-quickstart.server.port' set to '4502' from filename cq5-author-p4502.ja


      Verbose mode - stdout/err not redirected to files, and stdin not closedResourceP

      rovider paths=[/gui, /gui/default]



      DiskSpaceUtil.getMaxOpenFiles() reports a maximum of 2147483647 open files, meet

      s our requirement (8192)

      PortSelector: Selecting server port from supplied list: 4502

      PortSelector: Trying port 4502

      PortSelector: Successfully bound to port 4502, will use it

      PortSelector: Selected port 4502

      Build number not changed, software update not needed

      UpgradeUtil.handleInstallAndUpgrade has mode RESTART

      Upgrade: no files to restore from pre-upgrade backup

      Press CTRL-C to shutdown the Quickstart server...

      Sling Home: C:\adobe\CQ5.6\author\.\crx-quickstart

      Launchpad Home: launchpad

      Sling Properties: conf/sling.properties

      Application arguments: {sling.launchpad=launchpad, sling.home=C:\adobe\CQ5.6\aut

      hor\.\crx-quickstart, sling.properties=conf/sling.properties, org.osgi.service.h



      Quickstart application directory: C:\adobe\CQ5.6\author\.\crx-quickstart/app

      App classpath:

      - file:/C:/adobe/CQ5.6/author/./crx-quickstart/app/cq-quickstart-5.6.0-standalo


      Main class: org.apache.sling.launchpad.app.Main


      16.07.2013 18:00:46.079 *INFO * [main] Setting sling.home=C:\adobe\CQ5.6\author\

      .\crx-quickstart (command line)

      16.07.2013 18:00:46.081 *INFO * [main] Starting Apache Sling in C:\adobe\CQ5.6\a


      16.07.2013 18:00:46.088 *INFO * [main] Checking launcher JAR in folder C:\adobe\


      16.07.2013 18:00:46.098 *INFO * [main] Existing launcher is up to date, using it

      : 2.4.1.R1416835 (org.apache.sling.launchpad.base.jar)

      16.07.2013 18:00:46.102 *INFO * [main] Loading launcher class org.apache.sling.l

      aunchpad.base.app.MainDelegate from org.apache.sling.launchpad.base.jar

      16.07.2013 18:00:46.112 *INFO * [main] Setting sling.launchpad=C:\adobe\CQ5.6\au


      16.07.2013 18:00:46.113 *INFO * [main] Setting sling.home=C:\adobe\CQ5.6\author\


      16.07.2013 18:00:46.114 *INFO * [main] Setting sling.properties=conf/sling.prope


      16.07.2013 18:00:46.116 *INFO * [main] Setting org.osgi.service.http.port=4502

      16.07.2013 18:00:46.117 *INFO * [main] Starting launcher ...

      16.07.2013 18:00:46.118 *INFO * [main] HTTP server port: 4502