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    Flicking Issue Resolved(?) - After Effects, Outputting in H.264


      Ok.  So first off:


      I used footage that was 720p (1280×720, of course) with *.mp4 format that was only about 3 mins long.


      Ok, so after finishing up my project in After Effects, I decided to output composition in H.264, with 'High' Profile, 5.1, using CBR of 8Mbps.


      When it was finished, of course I was happy that movie was small yet had same quality, but had some random flickering issues throughout the movie (you know, where it looks like it clipped off a bit here and there in like a split second).  I tried adjusting format settings (going from CBR to VBR or changing encoding quality rate to like 16Mbps..still no luck.


      I was about to scream and throw my laptop out the window!  I read all these forums and posts, telling me possibilities ranging from my PC to my movie to even my effects..yada yada yada..ahhh!!!


      So I tried something.  I said to myself..let's see what Adobe Premiere Pro would do for me.  So I imported that same 'flickering' movie and decided to 'Render Entire Work Area' (I'm not even sure this does anything..so just be patient, I'm a noob  ).  I played preview and I was amazed that all the flickering was gone.  OK...wow..great!  So now comes the real test.


      I decided to export with H.264 with a preset of Youtube 720p HD 29.97 format.  Nope, didn't work...  I was about to give up...but then I thought...WTH..let's try matching sequence settings.  See screen shot belowUntitled.png



      So after doing that, guess what...no flicking! And the quality is still good!  But, there's a con (of course).  It's a little bigger.  But it's doable.


      I guess from now on, I'll upload footage first to APremiere Pro, render it there, and then try and see what happens..more to follow....