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    ColdFusion CFCs Not Returning Data

    Martin-R Level 1
      OK. I've been pulling my hair out over this for about two weeks. I
      generated a master page and a detail page using the ColdFusion
      Application Wizard in FB2.01.

      The detail page has nine comboboxes, five date fields, one textarea,
      and one checkbox. When I select a record from the master datagrid and
      click the edit button (or just double-click the record in the master
      grid), a little more than half the time only the information in the
      comboboxes shows up. All other fields are the default fields for a
      new record.

      I know it's reading the data because the comboboxes are set to the
      correct selections for the record chosen. It seems to happen more
      often when there is a lot of text in the textarea.

      This is driving me nuts! And, it's very frustrating for the endusers
      who are testing the app. Has anyone seen this behavior before?

      I'm running CF 8 Standard with cumulative hotfix 1. The database is
      on SQL 2005.