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    Setting a webpage to go live on a certain date

    kerry31 Level 1

      Ok new question. I have a done a ton of web searches for this and can't find it anywhere. I'm going on vacation for 7 days ( i know right ). While i'm gone I need to webpages updated. Now I couls teach someone how to do it ( it will be a pain to do ), or I was thinking about seeing if there is a way I can set a webpage to go live at a certian time.


      Here is what I have. I have a link on my page that links to a pdf it can't go live till Sunday morning. Then the next Sunday morning it needs to be replaced by the new pdf. They can be named the same but if I do it ahead of time they would be in diffrent folders on the server. So I guess the real question is can I set up a link to point somewhere else at a certian date and/or time?