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    .indd to ePub cutting off text? (CS6)


      Please, somebody... make my day by making a fool of me in the simplicity of this issue and how to fix it!


      I have an .indd doc that I am exporting as an .epub file. Everything looks wonderful and runs smoothly except this:


      There are certain sentences within the epub that are being "cut off". 



      I am having this strange issue with InDesign in which the end of certain parts of a

      sentence or string of Excel code are being cut off while the rest of the paragr

      and its sentences remain completely in tact.  This is really starting to bother me as

      I have tried many things to fix this.


      (note that the remainder of the word "paragraph" has been cut off even though the text before it is a longer or equal length sentence.)


      Some other things to note:

      • the issue of missing text only appears in the epub.  InDesign, Print version, PDF are all fine... its just the epub doing this.
      • there is no text box inadvertently covering the missing text
      • the paragraph style and character styles are exactly the same as the rest of the sentence
      • whether or not there is a linebreak does not make a difference once converted to epub
      • whether or not the "remove forced line break" option is checked or not, does not make a difference
      • this text is not "an image"
      • adjusting margins, font size and the like do not make a difference


      Its as if the parts of the sentence that disappear have decided that unlike the rest of the book they are not going to be liquid, adjusting as necessary to fit the page of whatever viewer someone is using. 


      Below is a capture of the issue at hand.


      As you can see the line of Excel code is being cut off rather than adjusting or hyphenating.  This is not an ideal example because it appears that this is only happening when the line of code is longer than everything else.  However, in other places in the book, even if the code is not longer than the rest of the sentence, it is still being cut off at the end.



      This is what it look like in InDesign:



      I look forawrd to hearing your thoughts on this.  Thank you for your time