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    Epub format not supported


      Hi I am having a problem with downloading a book from kobo store to my ereader. It is in my library. It says format not supported, even though it says it is epub. Any answers would be appreciated. Thanks

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          sjpt Level 4

          What sort of an eReader?

          Are you downloading it directly to the eReader, or via Digital Editions (ADE)?

          What says 'format not supported'?  ADE, or the ereader after download,=, or?


          Have you authorized it with your Adobe ID?

          • Plug into USB,
          • run ADE,
          • make sure ADE is itself authorized with your Adobe ID (Help/Authorize Comptuer on 2.0, Library/Authorize Computer on 1.7.2),
          • and then transfer the authorization to the eReader  (Help/Authorize Device on 2.0, Library/Authorize Device on 1.7.2),
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            izzy127 Level 1

            I have a kobo touch. Download to Ade via Kobo books. Most are not a problem.  I can also drag and drop books from My Digital Editions but some of them just say  'this file's format is not currently supported" 

            Both the eReader and the computer are authorised to Ade.


            I have plugged in the USB and transfer books from Ade as well as from the Kobo desktop app but some of these same books seem to able to be read on the computer only, I also transfer books through wifi connection .

            I don't understand, I thought Ade supported epub books as well as DRM.


            I guess I am doing something wrong, but haven't figured it out yet.

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              izzy127 Level 1

              I have just noticed that the books that are not a problem are Adobe DRM Epub and the ones I have a problem with are Epub Drm free. Would this be the probelm?

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                sjpt Level 4

                It shouldn't be a problem becuase they are DRM-free.

                I found with an older eReader (Cybook Opus) that there was a small number of books it couldn't read ~ somehow it didn't fully understand the .epub format.


                Being DRM free gives you more options to experiment.

                I suggest trying to use the free Calibre software to read the books and transfer them to the Kobo.  http://calibre-ebook.com/

                It can also do reformatting of books, so might be able to correct issues in the books that upset the Kobo.

                Calibre is vastly superior to ADE (not very difficult); with the major limitation that it can't handle DRM books.

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                  izzy127 Level 1

                  Thanks for that info. I have heard of Calibre but wasn't sure about it. Will have to give it a try. I guess the Kobo touch is almost old hat now with all the new ones out, but i really like it so will try to sort it out

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                    izzy127 Level 1

                    FYI. Thanks for Calibre it is awesome. worked a treat on most of the missing digital editions books that I couldn't download. The only problem I have now is that a couple of the books somehow lost the vendor id and are now labelled expired so I can't open them at all in any book reader. I guess those are lost. They were of course DRM. I have bought so many books over the years I cannot remember who I bought these ones from, so not able to contact them. Still, I am happy to manage to sort what I did.