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    HELP! Bouncy video when exporting as YouTube HD


      I'm having a strange problem when exporting with the standard YouTube HD export settings in Premiere Pro CS5 on my Mac. The exported video is slightly bouncy.


      The problem is most visible when graphics/text are on the screen. For example, skip to the 20 second point in this video and look at the text of the guy's name http://youtu.be/esXOszZ-IMI - same with the name text in this video http://youtu.be/zLbbM-HnZTY


      The video looks fine in Premiere, it's only once exported that the issue arises. It happens throughout the entire video but is primarily noticeable when there's text on the screen.


      I've exported about a dozen videos with the same export setting and they all have the same problem.


      I don't consider myself an expert user, but I've been using PP for years and have spent easily a thousand hours editing in the program. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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          Steven L. Gotz Level 5

          Bounce is a good word for it.


          Let's start at the beginning.


          You have exported to 720p as far as I can tell. What is the original footage from? Is it also 720p? How many frames per second and how many are you exporting at?


          How did you add the text? What program created it? Does this happen with text created in Premiere Pro or After Effects?


          If you create a simple video with nothing but one line of text on a black background with a box around it, does it bounce?

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            JugglingWJ Level 1

            Hi Steven, thanks for the quick reply!


            I think you might have just figured out the problem -- frame rate.


            I did the text with box export trick with the default YouTube HD export settings and the text still bounced. I changed the frame rate in the export setting to 29.97 and it no longer bounced.


            Do you think that was the problem and I'm good to go now?


            To answer your other questions... footage was recorded in 1080p. Text is made in PP. I'm not sure what the frame rate it's recorded in (I usually set it to auto) but the sequence setting says 29.97.

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              Steven L. Gotz Level 5

              I have never mismatched frame rates on export so I don't know what can happen, but it is generally avoided as far as I can tell.


              Make sure you export to the same frame rate as you have in the sequence and you should be OK. I don't recall ever seeing this problem before, so it is hard to tell if it is the only cause.