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    [BUG] Photoshop CC crashed immediately after selecting NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680M GPU


      I just started using Photoshop CC trial and I immediately ran into problem with my video card.


      First Photoshop doesn't recognized my GPU which is Nvidia GTX 680M. I'm using a new Alienware R4 with Win8 pro, I then searched the forum and followed this thread


      Photoshop CS6 doesn't recognize my NVIDIA GeForce GTX 675M GPU?http://forums.adobe.com/thread/1157982


      After following the instruction now Photoshop CC is supposely using my NVIDIA GPU, but it immediately crashed after launching, for both 32 bits and 64 bits. My NVIDIA driver version is 320.49 600 series, the latested one I just updated. If I deselect the NVIDIA option in the control panel I no longer suffer the crash problem but as you know there is a reported problem with Intel HD4000 integrated GPU where screen flickering keeps happening if you use a toolbox. To avoid the problem the only thing I can do is to deselect the use GPU option in CC option (changing the mode advanced setting doesn't help). By deselcting the GPU option get rid of the problem but there is another problem with zooming: it cannot zoom in real time anymore, instead it's having a toolbox where you choose a reagion and it will jump to that region, and I can only zoom in by doing this, not zooming out.


      So basically I had a problem with NVIDIA which crashes CC immediately and a problem with Intel HD4000 integrated GPU with flickering screen and another problem with no GPU selected where I cannot zoom in real time. Whatever I do always give me some sets of problem that I can't solve.


      BTW I haven't try CS6 yet, I may proceed to download a trial copy and I thought CC and CS6 are using the same core. Nevertheless, those problem should definately be looked into.


      Any helps? Thanks in advance.