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    adobe issues on my laptop


      i have both Adobe flash player 11 activeX and Adobe flsh player 11 plugin, do i need both and whats the difference between both, also I have Adobe shockwave player 12.0 and yet when i play games on facebook i will at times get kick off my game as i read these words, your shockwave has crashed .... why i am i seeing this  ?

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          Mike M Level 6

          1. If you ONLY use "Intertnet Exploder", you DON'T need both - (you only need the ActiveX plugin). If you use another browser like Chrome or Firefox, you NEED both.

          2. You also need Shockwave in order for both audio and video to run in the Flash Player enabled pages.
          3. I've also seen the "Shockwave plugin has crashed" especially on Windows 7 when viewing YouTube videos (I love the old B/W movies there). I uninstalled it from the Control Panel and reinstalled with  a new download and it seems to have taken care of it. I haven't seen a "crash" in about three weeks.