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      every time i log off my from my laptop my adobe flash player gets disconnected.. ..so everytime i start my computer up i have to set up flash player again this happens everytime,  im just assuming somewhere in my control panel i must have a setting that is allowing this to happen im running windows vista home basics can anyone help please....dave.

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          Mike M Level 6

          When you log off, EVERYTHING gets disconnected... including Flash Player and your browser. When you log back on, and connect to the internet the plugin should enable automatically when you visit a page containing Flash content. You shouldn't have to "set up" anything again unless your install is corrupted.

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            dodgerxx Level 1

            thanks for the reply ive only got the free antivirus so maybe i should upgrade, thanks dave.

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              pwillener Level 8

              You should look deeper how Flash Player gets "disconnected"...

              • Does it disappear from the Control Panel (Programs & Features)?
              • Does it get disabled in your browser?
              • Does it disappear from the install folder C:\WINDOWS\system32\Macromed\Flash ?