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    InDesign CC constantly crashes az startup - after 2th bug fixes update

    Yarik V. Level 1

      I am madly.


      After second or third instalation update BUG FIXES now I cannot open NOTHING!!!! InDesign CC constantly crash at startup.

      Dear Adobe, I need NOW export some document to print. I NEED URGENT HELP!!!!!!!, because nothing can be opened. InDesign CC has stopped working.


      I love InDesign. I use long time. I teach InDesign long time my students. But this is sure TOOO MUCH!!!!!!

      I cannot reinstall because I have not installation files. Reinstal from cloud not resolve. I have no IDML file...


      Horrible, horrible, horrible. Back to CS6 and stop Cloud payment.

      Hope, asap will come some another comparable solutions from another companies.