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    Problem with a Template-Project for my wedding


      hey guys, first i must say i am sry for my broken english , i am german.


      First : I want to make a video to my girlfriend, because i want her to merry me.. so i take after effects from my dad, but he died befor 1 year and nobody else can help me so fast..

      I bought a really nice template , i dont know it´s allowed to say which one exactly..


      My Problem is : I load the template and all the needed stuff like plugins. On the screenshot i made you will see the both left camera´s are in a good quality and die active camera is reallybad. and this is the render-quality too. so, i dont know how to fix it, i hope somebody can help me, i have no deal with after effects and not much time =) . When more informations need give me a report and i load it up .


      ty @ll guys