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    How to reset timer?



      i have a timer that counts down to zero when selected then advances the main timeline.

      I would like it to repeat this action when the button is clicked again but the timer only works once.

      Here is the code:


           var timerCount=4; // This is the variable set for the timer display


           var tCounter=setInterval(timer, 1000); //1000 will run the timer every 1 second


               function timer()



                 if (timerCount <= -1)







                 sym.getSymbol("timer_sym").$("timer_txt").html(timerCount); // Display the timer value





      Any suggestions?



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          AMULI Level 4

          Hi desziner,


          The code is not sufficient. You should at least explain where it is : in your button.click event handler ?


          You could also make a ZIP of your project available on a service like www.box.com (where you can create a free account) and post the link.



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            Zaxist Level 4

            Just add this line at the end of your Code to make it works again





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              AMULI Level 4

              1) You could avoid any interval by making the countdown animation in a symbol countdDown.


              Three states => three points in the timeline labelled wait, count and start.


              The stage symbol has its autoplay property set to false, so the headline stops at wait.


              goBtn.click event handler : sym.stop('count');


              The countDown symbol alos has its autoplay property set to false. A play command is inserted at count (see the arrow on white rectangle in the screen shot).


              At the end of the animation, in the symbol's timeline there is a trigger to start the main animation :




              againBtn.click event handler : sym.stop('wait');




              2) With an interval, modifying the timing is just a matter of changing values in the code (in the first case you would have to edit the countdDown timeline).


              The structure remains, with the same three states.


              There is now a trigger at count in the main timeline (see the orange diamond in the screen shot). As Zaxist says, clear your interval when finished :


              timerCount = 5;

              sym.$("counter_txt").html( timerCount);

              tCounter = setInterval( timer, 1000);


              function timer()


                timerCount -= 1;

                if (timerCount < 1)



                  clearInterval( tCounter);



              sym.$("counter_txt").html( timerCount);





              Downloadable examples here : https://app.box.com/s/cmjmr01802p8k1tgcmhk



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